Occulus I brings to you holistic Vision Therapy by integrating Ayurvedic science, Yoga therapy techniques to help you re-learn the way to using your eyes naturally.

Occulus I offers you natural yet effective alternatives to care for your eyes. The programs include:

  1. Training individuals to be Vision Therapists: Get Certified and be able to incorporate the therapy into your own practice, become associated with eye wellness projects and contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of an individual.
  2. Running awareness camps on Vision Therapy: To empower individuals to care for their vision by conducting eye health camps in the community thereby creating awareness among the masses about simple yet effective means of correcting refractive errors in vision.
  3. Conducting Vision Therapy sessions: Meet our team of experts and book in for a six day eye wellness therapy session if you are looking for one of the below results
    • Boost natural vision
    • Seek to improve vision
    • Get rid of wearing lenses or glasses
    • Avoid invasive surgeries

Course details and certification to be announced soon!



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