Certified Ayurveda Practitioner Course – Level 3 (7days)

 60,252  55,290
  • USD: $ 775

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*Fees Mentioned only covers the course Curriculum & Material.
*Stay & Meal option available at additional Pricing.
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Introduction to ayurveda
Introduction to prakriti
Concept of agni, rasa, veerya, vipaka concept
Basic principles of ayurvedic dietetics and nutrition
Benefits of herbs and spices
Home remedies with herbs…

Ayurveda Nutrition and Cooking Course (7days)

 60,252  55,290
  • USD: $ 775
      Course Content:-
Basic principles of Ayurveda & basic pharmacology
Brief history of Ayurveda
Panchamahabhuta doctrine
Introduction to ayurvedic anatomy
Tridosha principle
Prakriti (body type)
Physicians interested in alternative medicine…

Certificate course In Ayurveda Therapy (21days)

 96,500  82,200
  • USD: $ 1,153
     Theory Training:
Objectives of Ayurveda
Definition of health in Ayurveda
History of Ayurveda
Eight specialities of Ayurveda
Introduction to panchmahabhutas
Introduction to tridoshas
Dhatus & Malas
Introduction to prakriti

Ayurveda Counsellor Training Course – Level 1 (7days)

 60,252  55,290
  • USD: $ 775
     Theory and Practical Training:
Concept of Beauty in Ayurveda
Introduction to Ayurveda, Tridoshas & Panchmahabhutas theory
Concept of body constitution (Prakriti)
       Scalp & Hair Care Treatments:

Certificate Course in Ayurveda Beauty skin & body care (7days)

 60,252  55,290
  • USD: $ 775

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