Certified Ayurveda Practitioner Course

The ancient science of Ayurveda has been passed on from generations and has never lost its originality with the passage of time. Sanda Retreats, a pioneer organization in wellness, with its innate vision, knowledge and expertise proudly presents the Certified Ayurveda Counsellor course – Level 3 further as a continuation of our level 1 & 2 courses. The 7 days course is aimed at providing the student more insight into Ayurveda and also practical knowledge of specific therapies in Ayurveda. After completion you will be provided with a certificate as certified ayurvedic counsellor and will be able to offer lifestyle and ayurvedic therapies to people.

Who should do the course:

Small group of travellers interested in expanding their knowledge Wellness enthusiasts Yoga experts, physiotherapists Nutritionists, dieticians Spa & hospitality professionals Physicians interested in alternative medicine system

The course aims to provide the student with an insight into the basic principles of Ayurveda along with practical training of specific Ayurvedic therapies. The students are also given an experience of yoga which helps to maintain health and wellness.

Theory Training:

  • Review into basics of Ayurveda
  • Concept of Ama
  • Kshaya, prakopa lakshanas of doshas
  • Introduction to ayurvedic anatomy
  • Introduction to rogi pareeksha

Practical Training:

  • Pizhichil
  • Lepa, bandanam
  • Kati pichu, janu pichu
  • Mixing and administration of vasti
  • The course is NON-RESIDENTIAL COURSE-pricing includes only course materials and certificate
  • Theory classes are conducted by expert Ayurvedic Doctors.
  • Practical sessions are conducted by Senior Ayurvedic Trainers and Ayurvedic Doctors.
  • After successful completion, certificates are issued by IAYTS.
  • Photography and videography is not permitted during practical and training sessions.


8:00 -9:00 : Yoga class

9:30-10:30 : Breakfast

11:00-12:30 : Theory class

13:00-14:00 : Lunch

14:30-17:00 : Practical class

  • 21th January – 27th January
  • 18th February – 24th February
  • 18th March – 24th March
  • 15th April – 21st April
  • 20th may – 26th may
  • 17th June – 23rd June
  • 15th july – 21st july
  • 19th august – 25th august
  • 16th September – 22nd September
  • 14th October – 20th October
  • 18th November – 24th November
  • 16th December – 22nd December
Course fee only
Course fee with camping accommodation (Per Person)
Course fee + basic accommodation (2 to 3km away from school)

USD 780

  •  Course materials
  • Certification
  • Free wifi

USD 950

  • Course materials
  • Certification
  • Free wifi

USD 1130 (single)

  • Course materials
  • Certification
  • Free wifi
  • Basic accommodation (Single)

USD 1010 (twin sharing)

  • Course materials
  • Certification
  • Free wifi
  • Basic accommodation (Twin Single)
Meals USD 75 (Sunday excluded) Meals USD 75 (Sunday excluded) Meals USD 75 (Sunday excluded)
Airport pick up & drop USD 50 Airport pick up & drop USD 50 Airport pick up & drop USD 50 Airport pick up & drop USD 50

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